Be confident in your expertise and level up your skill with advanced technology that uses real time data to ensure faster work, increased safety and attentive care for the horse.

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The novel EHO technology will change everything for horses, their trainers, saddle setters, horse owners and enthusiasts.

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You know the problem

A poorly fitting saddle can cause health problems for the horse which is not what many riders know. It may as well decrease the performance of the rider in return. EHO sensor technology is helpful to the riders and saddle fitters, as it allows to see what happens to the horse when it is moving.

“Having a properly fitting saddle is just as essential as having horses shoes or teeth done correctly” / R.Rudzitis

Introducing EHO sensor technology

Smart textile embeds pressure sensors into the fabric.
Sensors measure pressure and transmit data to a mobile device.

EHO sensor system helps to adjust the saddle and set it in the right position and thus improve the physical and emotional state of the horse.

Like nothing else, EHO system helps you to:

• Make more data based decisions;
• Increase your expertise;
• Make quicker and more precise changes;
• Real time, presentable feedback of changes made;
• Increase demand for your services;
• Removes any risks of human error when setting saddle;

EHO smart textile product is based on a unique technology backed by Riga Technical University research lab where the research and development is done to ensure maximum product efficiency.

Talis Juhna, Riga Technical University

Vice-Rector for Research Academician Dr. sc. ing.

Take your service to the next level with the pioneering EHO sensor system!

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Riga Technical University,
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Tel. +371 29203043

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