Say goodbye to stress and uncertainty. Take your skill to the next level with real time data to speed up your work, provide real time pressure feedback and reduce any potential risks. 

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The new technology has emerged that will change everything for horses, their trainers, saddle setters, horse owners and enthusiasts. When you request invitation to EHO-TEX community, you will get in line to be the first one to receive updates about product development and, when time comes, you will have chance to be the first one to order the product and achieve piece of mind about results of your work.

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You know the problem

Jochen Schleese

CMS, CSFT, CSE, certified as the youngest Master Saddler

If a saddle puts too much pressure on a muscle because of being out of balance, the horse wants to avoid and lessen this pressure – resulting in a protective postural change which affects his gaits and causes muscle contraction.

Introducing EHO sensor technology

Smart textile embeds pressure sensors into the fabric.
Sensors measure pressure and transmit data to a mobile device.

EHO sensor system helps setting saddle in the right position and taking care of physical and emotional state of the horse.

Like no one else, EHO system helps you to:

• Make more data based decisions;
• Increase your expertise;
• Make quicker and more precise changes;
• Real time, presentable feedback of changes made;
• Increase demand for your services;
• Removes any risks of human error when setting saddle;

Talis Juhna, Riga Technical University

Vice-Rector for Research Academician Dr. sc. ing.

EHO smart textile is unique product and technology backed by Riga Technical research lab where we conduct our research and development.

Bring your service to digital age with EHO sensor system
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